Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Checking out Blommer Chicago: Chocolate-Covered Caramel Corn

Nearly a month after getting back from Chicago, I still haven’t even come close to writing about (or for that matter, tasting) most of the delicious chocolate treats I picked up there. So today, let’s talk about a true Chicago institution: Blommer.

Since the chocolate is processed onsite, the delicious chocolate aroma is apparent from blocks away. Evidently, some neighbors complain about this. Having lived right next door to a Tootsie Roll factory in Cambridge, MA, I don’t understand the objection to smelling chocolate, sugar, or other confectionary ingredients at all hours of the day and night. Better than most city smells.

Blommer is kind enough to operate a factory outlet on site, which sells bulk chocolate, non-chocolate candy, and chocolate-covered-anything-you-can-think-of. I had a hard time deciding what chocolate covered goodie I wanted most, and while I wanted to take many of the creations home, my luggage space was limited. I settled on a bag of chocolate-covered caramel corn, since it seemed unique.

That whole bag only set me back $3. Not a bad deal. Especially not for that smooth, creamy milk chocolate coating.

Inside, there is crisp popcorn covered in a sweet and salty caramel.

I was truly amazed by the way the caramel corn stayed nice and crispy with the chocolate coating. The contrasts in just one piece – crispy and smooth, sweet and salty – made this bag easy to finish off. Forget about making it back to DC, this chocolate covered caramel corn barely made it back to my hotel room. I should have picked up more, especially for the price.


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