Friday, August 13, 2010

Teuscher Chicago Invades DC: Part 6 (or, why is the box empty?)

Sadly, there is little left in the chocolate box from Teuscher, though I am lucky to still have their bars and all the loot from Vosges remaining from my trip to Chicago. The reviews of the chocolates wrap up with their two chewy caramels. First, the milk chocolate chewy caramel.

The milk chocolate appears to be their standard creamy creation.

Inside, the caramel is just a little too sweet and a little to chewy, and it distracts from the milk chocolate by being too overpowering. A little more salt and a little less chew would go a long way to make this better.

The last chocolate to sample was the dark chocolate chewy caramel.

My hope was that the less-sweet dark chocolate surrounding the chewy caramel would result in a better overall taste.

Fortunately, this was the case. In fact, it seemed that the caramel was less dense and less sweet than that in the milk chocolate version. This caramel was the type that melts on the tongue, and combined with the darker chocolate, the taste was great.


Teuscher: Great chocolate, but not what I remember from previous visits. I may be in search of a replacement #2 favorite chocolate shop.

Milk chocolate chewy caramel: Too chewy and too sweet.

Dark chocolate chewy caramel: Great blend of flavors, good caramel texture.


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