Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Teuscher Chicago Invades DC: Part 4

The box of truffles from Teuscher is on track for consumption by the “eat by” guideline of 10 days post-purchase. Not too surprisingly, I’ve never had a problem with that guideline. Especially if I have caramel-based treats to enjoy, like the caramel truffle.

What’s distinctive about this caramel truffle is that it is truly a truffle in that it is ganache-based, and not chewy, liquid, or even semi-liquid.

As promised in the description, the ganache inside is solid but not remotely chewy, and though the caramel flavor is there, it is subtle and I think it could be complimented by a little more saltiness. The flavors do, however, work well with the milk chocolate ganache and coating.

Though the lemon truffle had turned out to not be what I expected, I was still excited to check out the orange gianduja, which comes covered in the super-creamy Teuscher milk chocolate.

There was barely a noticeable aroma of orange from outside the chocolate, so the only option was to bite in.

The candied orange chunks work very well with the creamy milk chocolate gianduja, but perhaps the gianduja could have a little less sugar since the orange chunks are candied. Another very minor disappointment was that the candied orange chunks weren’t distributed that well, and I ran into one large chunk near one edge. I really enjoyed this chocolate, but wonder if a dark chocolate coating would cut back on the sweetness enough to make it even better.


Teuscher: Top-notch coatings on every chocolate, some of the fillings aren’t quite 100% in this batch.

Caramel truffle: Neat concept to use a caramel gianduja, perhaps a tad sweet.

Orange gianduja: Also a bit sweet, but the inside has a nice chocolate-citrus balance.


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