Sunday, August 1, 2010

Artisan Confections: Part 2

After trying a few chocolates from my gift from Artisan Confections, I was excited to continue sampling. One reason for the excitement was that Artisan Confections features a seasonal artist collection. This collection features a set of unique, rotating flavors that feature decorative coatings designed by local artists. This yellow design was used for the macadamia nut chocolate.

The inside revealed a praline filling with a satisfying crunch and a hint of honey flavor. The filling purportedly also included a ganache that was barely noticeable next to the outstanding praline.

The overall combination of the sweet honey undertone, the praline crunch, and the thin dark chocolate shell comes together for an outstanding creation that I would certainly select several of if I were buying a box.

Next up was a pink-and-orange-topped raspberry tea chocolate.

Inside, there was a smooth ganache that featured a distinct but not overwhelming raspberry flavor.

The raspberry tea chocolate was more fruity than sweet, and it appears that little sugar was added to the flavorful dark chocolate. This nice combination would be worth another take.

After trying a praline creation and a ganache creation, I checked out one of the caramels: the coconut caramel.

A bite of this chocolate reveals a light caramel with a buttery flavor that isn’t too sugary, though there is minimal coconut flavor.

The thin shell of high-quality dark chocolate pairs well with the outstanding caramel. I would go for a plain caramel (or the cinnamon caramel reviewed in part 1) rather than this one, since there didn’t seem to be much coconut flavor featured.


Artisan Confections: Still going strong.

Macadamia nut: Great crunchy praline with a hint of honey. Plan to purchase many of these.

Raspberry tea: Good mix of fruity and chocolate flavors, not overly sweet like some fruity chocolates. Worth buying a few more.

Coconut caramel: Caramel was pleasing, coconut barely noticeable. Recommend getting a plain (or cinnamon) caramel instead.


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