Monday, January 21, 2013

Cocova January Sample Day

Although Cocova has been holding their monthly sample days regularly, I haven’t been for ages. Other commitments and, well, life, keep making it impossible. But this past Saturday, there was an opportunity.

An opportunity to gather friends who’d never been to such an event before.

(Karen, Rachel, and Sarah usually just meet me forswim/bike/run activities, but seemed intrigued by the promise of high-end chocolate.)

And an opportunity to see Cocova’s new sign, which nicely features their address so that it’s easier for fine chocolate neophytes in the DC area to find.

Once inside, we got to work checking out the chocolate they had out for examination.

I looked at the Bianchi sugar-free white chocolate, and knew that I had to check it out, as I’ve had to avoid white chocolate since being told to cut way back on my sugar consumption.

It was still fairly sweet, and nice and smooth. The group collectively decided that the Patric OMG Mint was to die for.

I found it to be more peppermint than herby in character, and it trended sweet as opposed to deep and herbal, but good nonetheless.

We voted the Bonnat Chuao, with its beautiful melt and complex flavor, as the best find of the day. And at $22 for 100 g, I should hope so.

Until next time, friends!