Monday, August 2, 2010

Chocoholic on the Road, Chicago: Teuscher, Part 1

Since the truffles are supposed to be eaten within about a week of purchase, I started tasting those before the bars and other creations. I picked the Teuscher over the Vosges truffles because the package is unsealed, and the optimal eat-by date is a tad earlier. The unsealed package, however, says “eat me.”

I started with the duchesse, which is a milk chocolate-based almond and hazelnut gianduja with minced almonds, all coated in milk chocolate.

The gianduja is very sweet, and there is a pleasing crunch from the finely sliced almonds.

The filling is a bit grainier than I’m used to from most Teuscher products. Still, the sliced almonds combined with the high-quality milk chocolate coating made for a good gianduja creation.

Next, I tried the milk chocolate honey crunch, which is, appropriately and adorably, shaped like a honeybee.

The honey crunch was very noticeable, both in taste and texture. With the milk chocolate, the overall effect was very sweet. It might be more balanced with dark chocolate.

Neither of these were quite as wonderful as I remember Teuscher chocolates, but perhaps I need to move through the other chocolates to get to my favorites (usually the citrus truffles).


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