Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Re-trying Teuscher Truffles: Teuscher Philadelphia

While I was a little letdown by my experience with the Teuscher truffles and pralines from Chicago last month, I haven’t given up hope on one of my long-time favorites. While there unfortunately isn’t a shop in DC, I get around the country enough that I should have a few chances to re-evaluate their truffles. I got a chance recently thanks to a colleague who was in the Philadelphia area while I was working on my project in New Jersey. Since both of us needed to be in DC for the same meeting later in the week, he caught a ride with me and kindly brought me a box of champagne truffles from the Philadelphia Teuscher as a thank-you gift.

He reported that the chocolate consultant at the shop not only packed the box freshly, but showed him that the champagne truffles were coming right out of the boxes that had just arrived from Zurich.

After sampling these, I’m hopeful that perhaps I just got a less-than-fresh batch in Chicago, because these truffles were very smooth with a beautiful chocolate shell that didn’t have that semi-stale crunch to it. I suppose the secret is to find out when the shop is getting their delivery, and go soon thereafter.


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