Friday, August 27, 2010

Classic Chocolate Buttercream Frosting: Milk or Dark?

After successfully making the salted butter caramel buttercream from yesterday’s post, it was necessary (yes, necessary) to follow up with a chocolate buttercream. I was torn between milk chocolate and dark chocolate, so I did the completely reasonable thing and made both.

I started out with the same buttercream base as I did in yesterday’s post, again leaving out the last cup of powdered sugar and the last half of the heavy cream to allow for texture adjustment at the end.

I divided the recipe in half, and for the first half, chopped up six ounces of milk chocolate (El Rey Caoba 41% cocoa).

For the other half, I chopped up five ounces of semi-sweet chocolate (El Rey Mijao 61% cocoa). I used a bit less because the flavor is more intense.

I melted each chocolate separately and incorporated them into their respective reserved buttercream, and adjusted the textures with the remaining powdered sugar and cream. The milk chocolate version barely needed any more cream or powdered sugar, while the dark chocolate needed it all, plus all the remaining powdered sugar. After a taste test, I decided that the milk chocolate version had a pleasing texture but just didn’t have enough chocolate flavor, so the dark chocolate version wins.

It looks and tastes more chocolaty, so for this mini-cupcake project, I’ll go with that version. The milk chocolate buttercream frosting will, uh, somehow get eaten.


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