Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

As I’ve alluded to a few times, even though I’m obviously a chocolate lover, I’m also passionate about swimming, biking, running, or sometimes all of those things together. You might also be shocked to know that I eat vegetables more than chocolate and baked goods. Honestly.

So with all of that in my favor, I’m playing along in Amanda’s Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge, where we all accumulate points by working out and eating fruits and vegetables.

Since this blog is definitely not about exercise or healthy living, I’m dedicating this standalone page to documenting my progress so that my fellow participants can see that I really AM doing all this crazy stuff. I’m tracking all of my points on a nifty spreadsheet.

A couple of preemptive answers to questions you might have if you care (which you probably don’t):
  • You can see more detail on my swimming, biking, running, and lifting workouts by checking out my Daily Mile profile.
  • I don’t track walking in my Daily Mile profile, because I live in an urban area and have walking built into my daily life for running errands and commuting. That said, I know what kind of walking is involved in my common routes and it’s easy to track that in my spreadsheet
  • I also don’t track stretching in my Daily Mile profile because I stretch 5-10 minutes a day and it’s pointless to track that there.
  • Yes, I eat things besides fruits and vegetables, but I’m only tracking those in the spreadsheet because those are the only things that get me points in the challenge. Also, I have no interest in telling the world that I occasionally dig into the dark chocolate stash in my desk at 8 am.

And yes, I plan to blow this thing out of the water. Competition, you’ve been warned.