Thursday, August 5, 2010

Artisan Confections: Part 4

The content of generous gift from Artisan Confections has begun to dwindle, but several delicious chocolates remain. Let’s start with the aged bourbon, which is surrounded by dark chocolate whimsically decorated with a leopard print.

This chocolate is a little unique, as the ganache is milk chocolate, rather than dark chocolate, based.

The ganache texture is especially milky because of the chocolate used, and the texture is pleasing. The bourbon in the ganache is mostly noticeable as an aftertaste, and my opinion is that the ganache-based approach to a bourbon chocolate is much more enjoyable than the runny liquor-based approach. While I generally don’t favor alcohol-flavored chocolates, the milk chocolate ganache interior makes this one of the better alcohol-flavored chocolates I’ve had, and somebody who enjoys such chocolates would probably be very pleased with this creation.

I moved along to a chocolate that sounded very appealing to me: the Tahitian vanilla bean.

Since I enjoy the addition of high-quality vanilla beans to almost all sweets, I eagerly anticipated the combination of the Tahitian beans with the bittersweet chocolate ganache.

The thick ganache carried a strong vanilla flavor, which worked well with the bittersweet chocolate. I would imagine that a milk chocolate ganache would come off too sweet, so the chocolate selection was spot on. I enjoyed this chocolate, but it was not one of my favorites from the box, which is curious because I normally adore vanilla chocolates.

Next, I checked out the malted milk, which with modern-looking blue and green decoration.

Malted milk sweets usually don’t appeal to me much, but in the name of comprehensively reviewing the offerings from Artisan Confections, I dove in and sampled another chocolate based on a milk chocolate ganache.

Not surprisingly, the texture of the ganache was similar to that of the aged bourbon chocolate. The milk chocolate ganache makes a good pairing with that thin dark chocolate shell that I’ve become quite familiar with while enjoying this box. The malted milk flavor is relatively subdued, but it’s still noticeable enough that I’d probably chose another chocolate from the Artisan Confections offerings. However, those who enjoy malted milk would probably enjoy this chocolate immensely.


Artisan Confections: The texture of the milk chocolate ganache is even creamier than that of the dark chocolate ganache

Aged bourbon: Ganache approach to alcohol-flavored chocolates is much better than the liquor approach. Alcohol-flavored chocolates still aren’t my favorite, but those who like them should try this one.

Tahitian vanilla: Vanilla bean and bittersweet chocolate blend well together, but not my favorite from the box.

Malted milk: Milk chocolate ganache is great, malted milk flavor is best left for those who would truly enjoy it.


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