Thursday, August 12, 2010

Teuscher Chicago Invades DC: Part 5

One type of chocolate that is particularly excellent at Teuscher, in addition to their champagne truffles, is the gianduja series. One of the more visually appealing giandujas is the zebra, which includes a three layers of gianduja (white, milk, and dark) surrounded by milk chocolate on all but one side, which lets the construction of the creation shine through at first glance.

The gianduja was a little grainer than I’m used to from Teuscher. The white chocolate gianduja was very sweet with a hint of vanilla. It was right next to the dark chocolate gianduja, which has a deep, woody flavor that compliments the white chocolate gianduja nicely. On the other side of the dark chocolate gianduja is the milk chocolate gianduja, a concoction that carries a nutty flavor and verges on a bit too sweet. All together with the dark chocolate coating, the creation is delightful, aside from the slight graininess in the giandujas.

I tried another gianduja next, this one easily identifiable as the almond gianduja based on the raw almond on top.

Since raw almonds usually don’t have much flavor on their own, I was counting on the inside to deliver the chocolaty goodness I was in search of.

The gianduja didn’t appear grainy at all, which may have been because the crunch of the finely-slivered almonds make the chocolate appear smoother in comparison. Since there’s little in here besides the almonds and the chocolate, the creamy milk chocolate shines here.


Teuscher: Still not quite up to normal quality on this box. Did I hit a bad batch of gianduja?

Zebra gianduja: Grainy, but the flavors of the three giandujas work well together.

Almond gianduja: Finely-slivered almonds are a great addition to the creamy milk chocolate.


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