Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chocoholic on the Road, Chicago: Teuscher, Part 2

Teuscher’s signature creation is their champagne truffle, so I have a rule that anytime I walk into their shop, I have to walk out with at least two champagne truffles. On this trip to the Chicago Teuscher, I picked up a box of four, which comes in a distinctive green and gold box.

Upon unwrapping the box, the four truffles stare back with their milk chocolate coating covered with fine powdered sugar.

Take one out of the box, and the little “bump” from the champagne cream center becomes more apparent.

Once biting inside, the smooth-but-not-too-fluffy dark chocolate ganache is the first part of the truffle I noticed. On the second bite, I got to the extra-sweet and super-smooth-and-light champagne center.

The combination of dark chocolate and sugary extras produces a great overall taste. This truffle alone could get me to Teuscher locations around the world.


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