About The District Chocoholic

The title of this blog should tell you two important things:
1. I live in The District. As in, Washington, DC. The city itself.
2. I adore chocolate, in all forms.

On this blog, I post about chocolate recipes, chocolate-related events, and post numerous reviews of chocolate that I pick up in DC, and around the country in my travels. In my reviews, I try to not only give my personal opinion, but also note what is appealing and not appealing about the specific item being reviewed. For example, I adore milk chocolate, but in reviews of it, will note if it is quite sweet, which could be less than ideal for one who is not a fan of super-sweet creations. Similarly, I rarely enjoy exceptionally bitter additions, but if the quality is high, I report that so that those seeking that kind of chocolate creation know where to go.

If you have questions about a recipe or review posted here, drop me an email - vkanders at alum dot mit dot edu.