Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lesley's Gourmet: 72% Cocoa Chili Caramel

As an unapologetic caramel lover, I was intrigued by the bar sitting next to the Lesley’s French Grey Sea Salt bar at a display at The Chocolate Box in Seattle: the Lesley's Gourmet 58% Cocoa Chili Caramel bar.

If nothing else, this bar was artfully decorated. I was hopeful about the inside as well, since I enjoy uniquely-flavored caramels.

There was, however, very little caramel in this bar, and it is more like a bar with bits of soft, nearly runny, caramel, than like a caramel-filled bar. The taste of the caramel is fruity at first, and the chili comes through fairly powerfully, but is not overwhelming. The chocolate that makes up the bar is assertive with a slightly acidic taste that is subdued by the sweet and spicy caramel. The blend of flavors is unique, and I enjoyed it, but if you don’t enjoy a strong, bitter chocolate or spice with your chocolate, this bar may not be for you.

How much caramel do you think a bar should have if it has “caramel” in its name?


  1. umm, i think i'd be disappointed with anything short of a caramello :) not that i've had one of those in forever...

  2. Pretty!! I'd love to try this :)

  3. I love everything in the title of this bar, so I'm sure I would have left with one of these. And I assume there will be caramel centers in caramel bars...