Thursday, March 17, 2011

Scharffen Berger Milk Chocolate (41%): An Oddity

Yesterday, I admitted to my crush on Scharffen Berger’s 70% cocoa bittersweet chocolate, which continues despite the way that the Ben Tre bar impressed me with its strong, complex flavor.

How about other standard Scharffen Berger chocolates? Can they capture my affection? I had an opportunity to find out, as when Scharffen Berger mailed me the Ben Tre bar to work with, they also sent a bar of their 41% cocoa milk chocolate.

For a milk chocolate, it has quite an intense flavor.

Unfortunately, that flavor was pretty unappealing to me, as each bite reveals a flavor that somehow seems to resemble over-roasted/burnt coffee. There’s also a distinct caramel flavor that I would normally enjoy, along with a very subtle milky flavor, but that semi-offensive singed taste is difficult to get past. This is curious to me, given that I enjoy Scharffen Berger’s bittersweet chocolate so much, especially for baking and chocolate making.

I suppose I’ll maintain my strategy to use El Rey’s milk chocolate and Scharffen Berger’s bittersweet chocolate as needed in my chocolate creation experiments. After all, I need to be interested in eating them myself.

Are there any chocolate makers who produce some chocolates you love and others that you dislike?


  1. I love Cadbury Flakes! They're milk chocolate, super creamy and so well, flaky, that you need a bowl under you to eat them!


  2. Very strange. I can't exactly think of an example, but I generally really enjoy milk chocolate but am super picky about dark chocolate. So pretty much all chocolate manufacturers make some products I love and some products I don't.

  3. Oh shame you didnt enjoy this very much :( yes there are a few chocolate companies that produce some chocolates I like and some I dont, but not very many.

  4. Yum... I worked at Hershey for a period and got to do some Sharfen Berger taste tests. 70% is definitely better than the rest :)

  5. Yes - every chocolate maker that produces anything with orange in it ;)