Friday, March 25, 2011

Fran's Caramel-Macadamia Gold: Dressed-Up Snicker's

If it isn’t obvious from my last two posts, my haul from visiting Fran’s in Seattle was caramel-centric. Nothing wrong with that. In order to make sure I had enough variety for my evaluations, I wanted to check out another nut-caramel treat: The Macadamia Gold Bar.

The aroma is overwhelmingly sweet, and the chocolate coating has a bit of a coffee undertone. It’s surprisingly strong and bitter for a milk chocolate.

That bitterness is fortunate, as the rest of this is a big ball (well, bar) of sugar. The caramel is a bit chewy and has a hint of butter, but not a bit of salt to cut the sugar. The macadamia nuts are miraculously nice and crunchy, somehow not totally soaked in sugar from the caramel.

It’s like an upscale Snicker’s bar, but just as sugary. A bit much, even for me. If the macadamia nuts were salted, this might counteract the mounds of sugar a bit, with them unsalted, it’s a sugar bomb.

Have you had macadamia nuts with caramel before?


  1. I have not had macadamia nuts with caramel before, but I'll be glad to take a bar off your hands ;)

  2. Ah! With your last post, I had a vague feeling that the Almond Gold Bar I'd tried in 2007 was Fran's, but I wasn't sure. Now I am! It was, as you say, incredibly sweet and rich. Good for certain times of the month ;)

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