Friday, March 4, 2011

Taza Salted Almond Mexicano Disc: Finely-Ground

In my quest to continue consuming salt and chocolate together as much as humanly possible, Taza provides me with not only the salt and pepper Mexicano disc, but also a salted almond Mexicano disc.

This is like divine intervention, directing me to consume more Taza Mexicano discs. Honestly. But before I dove into this disc, I decided to take note of the aroma, and observed sublte woody and fruity undertones.

Then I ate.

The almonds are quite finely ground, and there are no visible chunks or slivers. As a result, they contribute to the texture of the chocolate by making it softer than the other Taza chocolates I’ve sampled. There is also a distinct almond flavor, but the salt and chocolate are more dominant, with the salt cutting through a bit of the bitterness, resulting in what seems to be a sweeter disc. The overall effect reminds me of a very rustic gianduja – sweet, nutty, and of course, chocolate-packed. I enjoyed this disc quite a bit, and am intrigued by the use of finely ground almonds with chocolate. Intrigued enough that I feel the need to experiment with that approach.

Do you like nuts coarsely or finely ground in chocolate?


  1. I would love, love, love to try this. I prefer almonds to hazelnuts so the idea of an almond-flavoured gianduja rings my bells :)

  2. Yummm... I actually don't think I've ever had finely ground nuts in chocolate but it sounds amazing!

  3. I'd love to try the salt and pepper Mexicano disc. That sounds amazing. I don't know that I've ever had finely ground nuts in chocolate. Not that I can remember anyway. I'll have to look for these discs!

  4. that sounds like the perfect chocolate disc! chocolate with salt AND almonds? yum!