Monday, March 7, 2011

Taza Guajillo Chili Mexicano Disc: Chocolate and Chili in Series

The final bit of Taza chocolate that I have to review in this batch is the Guajillo Chili Mexicano Disc, though I hear that new discs are under development as I type and I hope to soon review more. Until the rumored orange disc is available for sale, though, I’m left with mere memories of the intriguing Mexicano discs, including this spicy little thing.

There is a light, nondescript chocolate aroma, but not any hint of spiciness.

The first few moments of tasting this chocolate involve little spice, as there’s a vanilla taste that is followed by a distinct taste of sweet chocolate, and finally the chili lingers as an aftertaste. The chili aftertaste is sufficiently strong to leave a bit of a burn, and my mother has long told me that chocolate is a great thing to eat after indulging in something too spicy.

So the obvious thing to do is eat more of this disc. And then after you experience that afterburn, you eat more to cure that. And then…

Though I enjoyed all the individual flavors, I was a bit disappointed that they came in series rather than parallel.

Yes, I’m an engineer. Deal with it.

Do you prefer to taste flavor enhancements in series or in parallel when eating chocolate?


  1. Yum! I love the chili+chocolate combo! soo good!!!!

  2. I've never thought about chocolate like that, but it seems like whenever I've had spicy chocolate, I don't notice the heat until the end of a bite. Anyway, I would've totally gone after all these Mexicano discs you've reviewed since they're all flavor combos that I dig.

  3. I honestly just like to eat a ton of chocolate. BAHAHA. I do love the flavour of chili and chocolate it's so exotic.

  4. That does seem to be a common mark of difference between chilli chocolates - some integrate the chilli with the chocolate, and others make it feel more like a progression. I don't think I really mind much either way, as long as neither flavour overpowers too much!