Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fran's Gray Salt Wafers: The Last of My Loot

My last bit of bounty from Fran’s in Seattle was of the variety that I consume in large quantities. Salted chocolate, of course. In this case, gray salt “thins.”

These are, in fact, quite thin, which makes them ideal for slowly savoring the small box.

The texture is a bit waxy at first, and the melt tempo isn’t quite right as a result. Once the chocolate does start to melt away, a few grains of salt subtly come forward and draw out the sweetness of the chocolate. This makes this chocolate, which seems to be a semi-sweet type, come across as even sweeter. As the salt isn’t overwhelming, it complements the hints of coffee in vanilla in the chocolate, and the taste is relatively well-balanced if not superbly complex. The waxy texture, on the other hand, could be improved upon.

Have you ever had chocolate with a great taste despite a waxy texture?


  1. I have seriously never found a great chocolate that I don't like minus ones with nuts.

  2. I do get a bit put off by waxy-textured chocolate, but I usually get over it by chewing instead of letting it melt on my tongue ;)

  3. I also get put off by waxy-textured chocolate and usually can't get past it.

    ps: it was so nice to meet you yesterday!!