Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fran's Caramel-Almond Gold: Big Old Nuts

As pleasing as the salted caramels from Fran’s were, I certainly believed that they could offer a bit more. I’d picked up a couple of other caramel-based treats from Fran’s, and was hopeful that one of them might meet the mark.

Perhaps, for example, this Caramel-Almond Dark Chocolate Gold Bite.

The aroma was earthy with a bit of vanilla, and the chocolate exterior was quite bitter to play well with the sugar from the caramel.

That chocolate is quite soft, and matches perfectly to the texture of the caramel, which strikes a nice balance between liquid and chewy. The caramel is sweet, with a taste of vanilla, and houses some nicely-roasted, crisp almonds that I’d enjoy more if chopped rather than whole. Though my personal preference would be for a saltier caramel and for the nuts to be chopped, the caramel is quite nice overall.

Nuts in caramel: a do or a don’t?


  1. I actually don't care for nuts in my chocolate at all. I'm in love with dark chocolate with caramel inside though-the

  2. Depends what kind of nuts. Almonds (but I'd like them chopped or turned into a paste), walnuts or pecans sound great. But I cannot stand peanuts and I'm not crazy about hazelnuts either.

  3. Definite do! Especially when it's pecans!

  4. I don't mind nuts if they're small, but that's how I feel about nuts generally.

    (Wait, that sounds wrong...)

  5. Mmm, these look yummy!

    HMMMMMMM- I could see an argument both ways for nuts in caramel.

    On the one hand, caramel should be left alone for a smooth experience.
    On the other, nuts can help cut the sugar and add a healthy substance to the experience. I guess it depends on the caramel!