Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bradley's: Orange-Inspired Chocolates

Having tried out some plain chocolate from Bradley’s in Knoxville, TN, and not being entirely impressed, I was hoping that they had some more complex creations with more to offer. Onto the citrus-based chocolates, starting with a dark chocolate orange pate.

The dark chocolate, like the plain dark chocolate I’d sampled before, featured coffee and vanilla, and was just a tad bitter.

That bitter flavor was helpful in cutting the sugary pate, which also had a pleasing but not overwhelming orange flavor. The texture was firm and just a bit gritty, but was well-matched to the chocolate coating such that there was minimal flaking. I generally enjoyed the contrast of flavors, balance of sweet and bitter, and the notable texture matching. Far more enjoyable than the plain chocolate.

Yet another orange-based creation was available in the box: a white chocolate orange truffle.

The white chocolate coating is sweet and soft, but a bit gritty.

Unfortunately, the interior is also quite sweet, and only offers a bit of a tangy orange flavor to offset the sugar overload. It also happens to be a bit dry, which made it fairly difficult to enjoy at any level. Give me another dark chocolate orange pate, please.

Have you had fruit pate before? What did you think?


  1. I'd LOVE the dark/orange chocolate! So glad it was better than the plain one! :D

  2. Yes, I've had fruit pate quite a few times. I usually enjoyed it.

    These two both sound very tempting. :D

  3. I actually had to look up what exactly "fruit pate" is (ty, internet). I can safely say I haven't ever had it before, but the dark chocolate one sounds quite nice. Since I just had a orange-overload experience in baking, I can appreciate flavors that are more well-balanced!

  4. Love orange and dark chocolate yummm! Cant imagine what orange and white would be like, yak im thinking sweet and a bit ewy!

  5. Orange and dark chocolate is the best combination ever. Seriously-I want to eat it the rest of my life. And only that...obviously.