Thursday, March 3, 2011

Taza Salt and Pepper Mexicano Disc: Honesty in Labeling

Though the plain Taza Chocolate bars offer a texture and tasting experience quite different from most other fine chocolates, Taza doesn’t stop there – they also offer a wide variety of Chocolate Mexicano discs, which are enhanced with additional spices and other ingredients. Given my recently-developed infatuation with salted chocolate, the salt and pepper disc was an obvious choice.

The packaging is quite blunt about what is going on here. It’s salt and pepper, which is made obvious by the salt and pepper shaker art that decorates the wrapper. The armoa, however, isn’t pepper-dominated at all, and is instead a bit fruity.

At first bite, the salt and pepper serve as a compliment to the complex chocolate, and draw out distinctive cherry notes that are quite delightful. The salt then becomes apparent on its own, and the pepper is most evident as a bit of an aftertaste as the chocolate melts away. As with the Taza bars, this chocolate is quite soft with a coarse texture, and is very satisfying with every bite. This may turn out to be one of my favorite Taza discs, but as they are continuing to develop more flavors, that could always change.

Do you think that salt AND pepper belong together in chocolate?


  1. Yes, yes I do. I love salt in chocolate, I love pepper in chocolate, and I've enjoyed the Taza I've tried. Oh, how I'd love to try this one!

  2. I've had salted chocolate, but never chocolate with I'm interested. =D

  3. How neat...this definitely sounds like something I might seriously seek out to try. I like the idea of salt and pepper in a chocolate disc for some reason; it's very appealing!