Thursday, March 10, 2011

Valrhona Chocolate Assortment: High Expectations, Starting with Candied Orange Peel

On the Planet of the Pastry Chefs (which would be a pretty cool planet to live on, if you ask me), Valrhona is generally considered the gold-standard chocolate source. Some quibble over this, and TCHO has set out to give Valrhona some competition, but it’s still what most top-end patisseries, bakeries, and restaurants use. When I spied a box of Valrhona assorted chocolates during a trip to Biagio, I snatched one up with high expectations.

The 19-piece box featured nine different chocolate creations, ranging from plain ganaches to blackcurrant truffles.

The first piece I sampled was the Ecorces d’Oranges, or, if you are like me and don’t speak French, chocolate-covered candied orange zest.

The dark chocolate coating is well-matched to the firm, but not hard, orange zest, which makes it easy to bite into and enjoy without being left to catch flaking chunks of chocolate.

The peel is well-candied and offers a perfect combination of citrus and sugar. The chocolate has a coffee undertone and balances well against the sweet peel. It’s better than what I made around Christmas in all possible ways, but expectations are high for a box of assorted chocolate from Valrhona.

If you lived on the Planet of the Pastry Chefs, what kind of chocolate would you want them to use?


  1. Anything dark chocolate is for me!
    I'd like to live on the Planet of the Pastry Chefs, too! =D

  2. Valrhona is the leading chocolate supplier in food service for some good reasons: large variety of flavors, crisp chocolate bars, shiny, smooth, melt homogeneously,...
    Competition is good for consumers, especially when it's good competition like TCHO.

  3. Oh yum this looks a pretty good box of chocolates, Valrhona is always great. If I lived there..anything that offered amazing flavour I think!

  4. I'm glad you got the icky chocolate out of the way first... now I can look forward to drooling over the rest of the box ;)

  5. @Hannah I thought of you while writing about that fellow...

  6. @I love Valrhona Yes, it is definitely dependable, though sometimes a bit expensive for amateur bakers. I have a hard time finding it in bulk.

  7. That box of chocolate looks amazing! I don't buy a lot of chocolate boxes because the temptation is too great to take a bite of every chocolate in one sitting (just for sampling).

    If I was on a planet of pastry chefs, I would just be happy to be there. They could use any chocolate they want!