Saturday, March 12, 2011

Valrhona Chocolate Assortment: Ganaches from Non-Specified Lines

Though my trusty box of assorted Valrhona chocolates included some line-specific ganaches, there were some other ganaches that weren’t specific to a given Valrhona chocolate type. Including a milk and dark chocolate ganache truffle.

The coating was relatively nutty, and was a bit too firm for the super-soft, buttery ganache inside, which resulted in the whole thing collapsing on itself.

The filling is, despite being dark chocolate, sweet and not very complex. I’d say that this was alright, but wasn’t notable. I enjoy milk chocolates with a nutty taste, so the coating really made this creation flavor-wise.

In addition to the milk-dark ganache, my box included a flavored ganache – a Jamine tea ganache, which was nice change from the three plain ganaches I’d tried.

The couverture is a bit fruity, and is too firm for the &^#$^ ganache. It breaks away! Again! Foiled!

The ganache itself has a noticeable jasmine flavor, but this flavor doesn’t dominate the slightly fruity chocolate. The ganache is, as with the dark ganache discussed above, fairly buttery. I personally prefer a creamier ganache, and am beginning to think that the buttery approach is standard for Valrhona ganaches. While the Jasmine addition was a nice difference from the plain ganaches, it simply wasn’t that strong, and I’d like to see a more strongly-flavored creation in this collection.

Have you had chocolates with tea flavors? How strong was the tea flavor?


  1. Actually, I've had several bars with tea flavour and they've varied in intensity. Dolfin does some fairly strong tea choclate bars, and then there's another company that I've blogged but can't remember the name of... I actually found them in a Whole Foods outside of DC. The Tea Room, or something?!

  2. @Hannah Interesting. I looked up Tea Room Chocolate and they seem to exist. Your memory serves you well.