Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Claudio Corallo 75%: Peppery Single-Origin Chocolate

When I wrote about my chocolate haul from last month’s trip to Seattle, I asked which of the pieces from my newfound collection I should review first; the overwhelming response was that the Claudio Corallo 75% cocoa looked most intriguing.

Perhaps it looked intriguing because the box I’d picked up included an impressive 160 grams of thin little wafers that are perfect for nibbling. Perhaps the box itself was intriguing, as it included a nice cartographical image of San Tome Island, which is the source of the beans that Claudio Corallo uses.

The wafers themselves have a peppery aroma, which is something I have not yet found in a pure chocolate. The pepper is also notable in the taste of the chocolate, but a fruity taste, particularly cherry and banana, is more pronounced.

There is little added sugar apparent in the taste, and this allows the complex, long-lasting taste of the chocolate itself to shine. Though the texture is just a bit dry, the chocolate has a relatively pleasing, slow melt, and I’m pleased with the purchase.

Pleased enough to consider finding more. Biagio, fortunately, keeps it in stock.

Do you take an interest in the origins of the beans used to make chocolate that you eat?


  1. Now this, this I want. A lot. And now I'm going to dive into my happy memories of going to Biagio in 2009...

  2. Hmmm this sounds interesting! I'd definitely try it!

  3. Oh wow these do look interesting! I take interest in the origins of bars, I find it quite intriguing the different flavours they offer.

  4. Interesting. As a noob to the chocolate world, I am FASCINATED by bean origins! And I dont have a clue about any of them.