Sunday, March 20, 2011

Forte Orange Jazz: More Chocolate than Orange

The Forte offerings at The Chocolate Box in Seattle are fairly extensive, but given luggage space restrictions due to the short duration of my trip to the city, I limited myself to two bars: the 71% Cocoa Chocolate Brute, which I reviewed yesterday, and the Orange Jazz, a dark chocolate featuring orange essence.

The bar has a strong, but not artificial orange aroma.

Interestingly, the orange is a very subtle note, and flavors of coffee and other fruits, notably cherry, are more apparent. The chocolate is quite soft, almost buttery, but the texture is not quite outstanding, as there’s some grit in the bar. What is outstanding, however, is the balance of orange and chocolate in this bar, which allows other flavors from the chocolate itself to emerge.

It’s a bar I’d consider buying again. Even if Hannah, the hater of all things orange, would despise it.

Have you had chocolate with flavor enhancements that didn’t dominate the taste of the chocolate? What kind?


  1. How do you find all these neat and different chocolates??

  2. I'm always skeptical with chocolates with flavors added because it can taste "fake." Oddly enough I really enjoyed a really good Franco chocolate with raspberry..somehow it just worked!

  3. *curls up in a ball and whimpers*

  4. Huh....that sounds really good...especially because its not an artificial tasting orange flavor! :D

  5. @Maggie Lots of ways! Anytime I travel for work, I look up local chocolate shops. I also scope out local grocery stores when on travel, and of course, in DC, I have access to Biagio, which carries many, many chocolates.