Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Salvation in the Mail: Chip's Chocolate Factory Delivery

If you travel for work on a fairly regular basis, you know that it can be draining and discouraging. I try to make the best of them by scoping our chocolate consumption opportunities, but on my two back-to-back non-leisure trips last week, the chocolate situation was a bust. I had the less-than-stellar experience with The Chocolate Soldier in Dana Point, and when I was in Dallas, there were no chocolate shops nearby for me to check out. I even walked about a mile over to the Neiman Marcus, and they only had Godiva in stock. Disappointing.

But then I returned home, and my luck returned as well. I knew this because this package from Chip’s Chocolate Factory was waiting for me.

There’s something so beautiful about a package that you know is filled with fudge. Three kinds of fudge.

Creamy chocolate? I’m from Wisconsin, give me that cream. Chocolate Peanut Butter? One of the best flavor pairings around. Kansas City Special? Gee, I’ll have to eat it to see what I think.

Reviews on these salivation-inducing chunks of fudge will be posted this week. Stay tuned.


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