Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chip's Chocolate Factory Fudge: Creamy Chocolate

The hardest part about starting the review of the Chip’s Chocolate Factory fudge was choosing the first flavor. I could have just eating large chunks of all three, but it would be hard to give them a fair review that way. So I settled on starting with the creamy chocolate, which sounded like it would be the closest thing to plain old classic fudge.

When eating fudge, it’s important to appreciate it for what it is: basically, candy. It’s not pure chocolate, and won’t have the deep flavor and subtle extra notes that a fine dark chocolate bar does, and will always have a lot of sugar. Some chocolate purists turn up their noses at fudge as being too sweet and lacking flavor complexity.

OK then. More for me.

The Chip’s Chocolate Factory creamy chocolate fudge was everything a fudge should be. The texture was perfectly smooth, without a hint of graininess or waxy bite. The creaminess is quite evident, as there is a distinct milky flavor, and there isn’t a speck of this fudge that is at all dry. While the chocolate taste isn’t that strong, the cream and sugar compliment it well. The creation is a wonderful treat, with the texture being the most notable highlight, and is much better than what I’ve been getting at the beach the past few summers.


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