Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teuscher Chicago Chocolate Bars: Milk Chocolate

After sampling the wonderful pure dark chocolate bar from Teuscher, I was optimistic that one of my other purchases, a pure milk chocolate bar, would also be delicious.

The wrapper didn’t have any information about the cocoa content, or really, much information besides the fact that pure milk chocolate can be found inside.

The chocolate has strong nutty and soft vanilla notes, and has the signature super-smooth texture thanks to the top-notch cocoa butter that Teuscher uses. I found it to be just a little too sweet, and that the sugar combined with the nutty flavor overpowers the chocolate. The bar is still delicious, but the chocolate just isn’t that prominent. It seems that, perhaps, dark chocolate is where Teuscher really excels, so my suggestion is that, should you be fortunate enough to find yourself in one of their shops, you go for the dark chocolate bar.


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