Friday, September 3, 2010

Teuscher Chicago Chocolate Bars: Lemon

While the truffles and pralines from Teuscher have an exceptionally short shelf life, their bars keep just a tad longer, so I held off on tasting those while I enjoyed all the goodies that needed to be eaten in short order. I’d purchased five 0.9 ounce bars, and since I love citrus and chocolate together, lemon was one of my selections.

Upon opening the packaging, the lemon aroma is immediately striking – to the point that the chocolate aroma is barely noticeable.

Before I say anything else about this bar, I have to say that the texture is incredibly smooth, especially for a dark chocolate. The chocolate is perfectly tempered, and has a nice earthy taste. Unfortunately, the lemon flavor is so overpowering that the chocolate taste is barely noticeable. And not only is the lemon flavor overpowering, but I’m pretty sure that it tastes similar to what Lemon Pledge would taste like. I usually love citrus and chocolate together, but this bar just missed the mark with the flavor combination.


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