Friday, September 10, 2010

Teuscher Chicago Chocolate Bars: Dark (55% Coco)

Having been not totally won over by the first two Teuscher chocolate bars I’d tried, the lemon and the praline, I was getting a little concerned about how the remaining three would come across. I decided that, since the chocolate quality in the lemon bar was quite good, I could give the pure 55% cocoa dark chocolate bar a try.

The aroma is relatively strong, with a hint of coffee in it, and the temper is quite good, even after the trip from Chicago.

I was quite relieved to find a wonderful, plain chocolate that I was able to thoroughly enjoy without interference from overpowering flavors. This bar is extremely smooth for a dark chocolate, and again, it is obvious that the folks at Teuscher get top-quality cocoa butter. Taste-wise, the balance of chocolate flavor and sugar is perfect, with neither dominating the treat. The next time I’m at a Teuscher shop, I’ll grab some of the pure 55% cocoa dark chocolate bars, since they are very tasty and let the chocolate take the stage on its own.


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