Thursday, September 2, 2010

Checking out Blommer Chicago: Pure Milk Chocolate

When I visited Blommer and picked up the chocolate-covered caramel corn, I was intrigued by the bags of bulk chocolate, which looked great for baking. Unfortunatley, given the limited size of my luggage, I passed on a 5 lb. bag and instead picked up a milk chocolate bar to get a taste of Blommer’s pure chocolate.

The aroma wasn’t very strong, so what is one to do? Bite in, of course.

Taste-wise, this was a bit on the sweet side, with strong notes of vanilla and a slight malted milk undertone. The chocolate taste wasn’t all that apparent, but it was clear that high-quality cocoa butter was used, as the texture was exceptionally smooth without a hint of graininess. Even for a milk chocolate, the texture was incredible.

Overall, this is a little sweet and more like a candy than a fine chocolate. While it’s a great treat that I certainly had no trouble finishing off, the chocolate just didn’t come through very strongly. That being said, it was $1.25 for a 2.25 oz. bar, which is quite a deal for something that is far, far superior to Hershey and the like.


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