Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teuscher Chicago Chocolate Bars: Mint

I have one last Teuscher chocolate bar that I hauled away from my trip to Chicago, and this one has extra-special packaging. When the chocolate consultant was packaging my purchases, I saw her double-wrap the mint bar in plastic, but none of the others.

I asked if the mint was especially delicate, since I am adamant that chocolate deserves the best care available to it. She said that the mint flavor was so strong that it could affect the other bars, and that the extra packaging should prevent that.

The wrapper didn’t say whether the bar was dark-chocolate based or milk-chocolate based, but unwrapping it revealed a well-tempered dark chocolate, along with an exceptionally strong spearmint aroma.

That old standby Teuscher dark chocolate showed up with its smooth, rich texture and not a hint of chalkiness. But the mint flavor is far too dominant to allow the chocolate to come through at all. The spearmint-like flavor is so strong that it seems as if this bar is infused with massive quantities of Wrigley’s gum. Similar to the Teuscher lemon bar, the chocolate is outstanding but dominated by a not-so-great flavor when a subtle hint of the flavor would be a better compliment. The next time I personally get to a Tuescher store, I would imagine that I’ll stick to their pure chocolate bars and my favorite truffles.


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