Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: Raspberry and Plain Dark Chocolate Pieces

Since my main issue with the pieces I tried from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has been lack of flavor complexity and excessive sweetness, I suppose I need to talk about two more dark chocolate pieces before drawing a final verdict on the quality of their creations. The dark raspberry truffle in particular sounded intriguing.

The dark chocolate coating was earthy with a coffee undertone, and very smooth. It was quite thick, which cut back on the space available for the raspberry filling.

The filling flavor was dominated by raspberry, and there was barely any chocolate flavor noticeable. That said, it was more tart than sweet, and the flavor balanced nicely with the chocolate flavor in the couverture. The piece is nice, but needs to be heavier on the ganache.

One more dark chocolate piece remained: this one, a plain dark chocolate truffle.

The coating had a good melt alongside a bitter flavor with strong earthy notes.

The ganache is buttery in texture, and somewhat sweet, which balances nicely with the bitter couverture. Again, the ganache is sparse and the shell is too thick, but each component is satisfactory.

It might be one of the best pieces from the box.

If you go to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory – which you very well might, given their proliferation throughout airports in the U.S. – stick to the dark pieces. They aren’t spectacular, but they are far better than the milk chocolate based pieces.

Have you ever seen a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store at an airport?


  1. More of this airport business:) Nope, I guess I can't say I have. But I can confirm that I will be airporting before the year is out, so maybe by December I'll be able to say yes...

  2. I have never actually seen it in the airport and I am forever in airports. So strange-maybe I just didn't know what I was looking for. I love ganache in my chocolate for real.

  3. Denver has one