Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bake Sale to Kick Cancer's Butt: Buy Delicious Treats


It’s game time, folks. Time to get out your best auction-winning skills, because our bake sale to support Jaryn’s efforts to honor her late father by raising money for the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber in a boxing match starts…now.

While Jaryn is going to be the only one of us boxing in that match, we can all help her take out cancer one punch at a time. By bidding on these baked goods. Here’s how it works:

  • Each item has a minimum bid. Check it out before sending yours in.

  • All bids must be emailed to – please note the item you are bidding on in the subject line.

  • We’ll update the current bid levels once a day.

  • Bidding CLOSES at noon EDT on Friday, June 17.

  • Winning bidders will be notified by noon EDT on Saturday, June 18 and have until noon EDT on Monday, June 20 to donate the final bid amount to Jaryn’s fundraising page.

  • Winning bidders can expect to hear from their treat-maker by Wednesday, June 22 about shipping arrangements.

  • We can only ship to U.S. residents, but European/Canadian/Australian readers, we still love you. We really do.

Now that we have the rules of the game out there, what are the goods?

1. Amy’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies (BIDDING AT $30)

2. Beth’s Cranberry Walnut Bars (bidding up to $35)

3. Jaryn’s Ginger and St. Germaine Taza Truffles (Bidding up to $25)

4. Jaryn’s Cinnamon and Bailly’s Truffles (Bidding up to $25)

5. Jaryn’s Chili and Gelenmorangie Truffles (bidding at $25)

6. Jessica’s Medium Zebra Bundt Cake (bidding up to $25)

7. Lauren’s Sweet and Salty White Chocolate Blondies (Bidding up to $20)

8. Mary’s Marshmallow Layer Brownies (Bidding at $25)
9. Victoria’s Baesler Brunsli (Bidding at $20)

10. Victoria’s Goat Cheese Strawberry Brownies (Bidding up to $45 (!) )

Now let’s buy some delicious treats. And kick cancer once and for all. Email with your bids now. And tomorrow. But most importantly, before noon EDT on Friday, June 17.


  1. What a great idea! I'll definitely go check it out. Thanks:)

  2. I will get those Goat Cheese Strawberry Brownies. Seriously, I will take down anyone in my path! :)

  3. This really isn't just me saying it, but I'd choose yours in a heartbeat! GOAT'S CHEESE!

  4. WOO WOO!

    ps - goatcheesestrawberrybrowniesareminekthxbye. >.>

  5. This is a great idea! Good luck with it, and let's beat cancer!!!