Sunday, June 19, 2011

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: Milk Truffle

If you’re a regular reader, you are probably aware that I coach synchronized swimming, and that my swimmers love me. Or, at least love to give me chocolate. Perhaps to keep me happier at practice. Recently, the “keep coach happy” campaign brought me a box of chocolates from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

The box, which was given to me by one of my youngest athletes, held a variety of chocolates – milk, dark, caramel, truffle, fruit, nut.

And just in case these chocolates don’t turn out to be completely awesome, I was also given some artwork.

But you don’t come here to read about how I rock. You come here to read about chocolate. So let’s talk about the milk truffle.

The couverture has a strong vanilla taste with a slight hint of a burnt taste. It is quite sweet and has a nice melt.

The interior is buttery and a bit weak against the thick shell, and there is far more couverture than ganache, to the point that the ratio negatively effects the overall experience. The interior flavor is sweet and does not have a very complex flavor; overall, the piece is non-offensive but not legendary.

Which do you think was the better part of this gift: the chocolate or the art?


  1. The artwork. You can always get yourself more chocolate. But an especially for you drawn artwork?

  2. Girl I totally know how much you rock! I have gotten a few gifts from little children frorm teaching swimming lessons and I cherish them so much. In fact, I hang them on my wall so it makes it look like I have lots of friends. No I am really not joking bahaha.

  3. Aw thats so sweet of them! Both equally as good as each other I think, so kind1

  4. So cute! Am I a bad person if I say chocolate? I do still have a drawing my horseback riding students made for me years ago, though:)

  5. Oh come on, as if anyone actually goes to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory for anything but those behemoth caramel apple creations :P

    (Actually, I would. I don't like fresh fruit and chocolate together!)