Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ritter Sport: Crunchy Stuff

Ritter Sport is evidently quite proud of their milk chocolate given the number of milk chocolate based bars that went into their mini chocolate bar sampler pack. At least they weren’t all boring or standard. I mean, sure, plain milk chocolate and milk chocolate with nuts are both great. Just not anything original.

Now milk chocolate with cornflakes? Say what? Let me take a look at that.

The bar has a nutty and creamy aroma, and the sweet chocolate features cream and powdered sugar flavors. The cornflakes, which were visible on the backside of the bar, were kind of different.

The flakes were quite crisp and offered a satisfying crunch, the chocolate was soft but just a bit dry; nonetheless, the texture contrast was pleasing. The overall effect is much like that of a dressed-up, high quality Kit-Kat bar, and I was generally impressed and enjoyed the bar.

Was I sad to see that crunchy little bar go? A little. But the milk chocolate with butter biscuit was there to console me.

The bar had a creamy aroma, but the chocolate was just a bit grainy despite the clear addition of cream to the mix. It was certainly a step above Hershey’s and the like, but not as outstanding as other Ritter Sport chocolates.

The biscuit, as you can see, was a bit sparse, but was crisp. It added very little flavor, but did offer some texture contrast. Overall, the effect is similar to that of a chocolate covered graham cracker.

And who can’t get behind that?

Have you had chocolate covered cereal before? What kind?


  1. Aha! That's the one I like! :) I've also had actual chocolate covered corn flakes, which I found somewhere in Miami, I believe. Fun times :)

  2. I've always liked the butter biscuit one, but haven't heard of the cornflakes version before. As far as chocolate covered cereal, mmm, there's always puppy chow!

  3. I have never had chocolate covered cereal before but I absoultely love crunch chocolate bars. I like crunchy chocolate almost as much as orangey and fruity chocolate...almost.

  4. Haha yeh!! Its a huge thing in the UK when youre younger the first sort of things you make are called crispy cakes..which is pretty much either cornflakes or rice krispies coated in chocolate and then put in baking cases..they are so suprisingly good!

  5. Wow!!!!! Those both look really interesting! :D

  6. these are absolutely my two favorite Ritters... Mmm... I LOVE the cornflake one. and the biscuit one. I don't know if I could choose a favorite beyond that. :)