Sunday, June 26, 2011

Domori Peurtomar: It's Smaller Than It Looks

While flavored bars are all well and good, sometimes it’s best to get a good look at just how good a chocolatier is by checking out their plain bars. Since I was fairly impressed by the Domori fusion bars, both white and milk chocolate based, I wanted to see how well they could construct a plain dark chocolate bar.

And what better way to examine this than to check out their Peurtomar, a 75% cocoa bar created using the highly-regarded Criollo beans exclusively.

Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? Check out how small the bar inside is.

Not cool on the overpackaging, Domori. Not cool. Be honest with us about what we’re paying for.

When I opened the puny little package, I was greeted with an aroma of almond and cherry, with a hint of smoke and cream as well.

This chocolate is immediately intense, with a bit of a coffee flavor building into a more intense cherry flavor with a bit of sitrus at the end. The strong, pleasing flavor is enhanced by a superbly smooth melt, and it’s difficult to find any fault with this bar.

Except the trickery in packaging.

Have you ever had over-packaged chocolate that was smaller than you thought? Were you mad?


  1. Yes and no.

    I usually look for the smallest versions available, so I'm actually very happy if something turns out to be smaller than originally thought.

  2. Thanks again for posting the link to that recipe, looks good :)
    I can't say I have been deceived by packaging yet... but ya never know, it could happen

  3. Teehee! Funnily enough, I just had Amadei's Porcelana and it, too, was far smaller than the package. Those wily fancy chocoalte folk! :P

    P.S. I got strong almond and cream in mine too... though have no idea when I'll h ave time to blog it! :P

  4. That's a bit how I felt when I had a string of bars with artsy "bites" taken out of them. Such a clever way to include less chocolate!

  5. There is "Domori Porcelana" in post title. Domori Puertomar is not Porcelana, it's Ocumare 61.

  6. @Piotr Woops. Crossed wires on the reviews.