Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ritter Sport: Nutty Bars

The Ritter Sport mini chocolate bar box I received from one of my swimmers had two nutty bars in it. I love nuts in chocolate – except walnuts, which I sometimes like but usually don’t – and was excited to start with the 30% cocoa milk chocolate with chopped hazelnuts.

The aroma of this bar is, fittingly, nutty. The melt, unfortunately, is not as smooth as that of the plain milk chocolate, which was very creamy.

In this case, the melt is a bit grainy, meaning that the crunch nicely toasted nuts is the texture highlight here. They aren’t very flavorful, and the dairy flavor of the chocolate dominates. The chocolate is alright, but not wonderful. I’d stick with the plain milk chocolate.

How about a praline? I do rather love that sugary paste, but generally prefer it with strong dark chocolate to balance the flavor. Still, the 30% cocoa milk chocolate with praline looked promising.

The aroma was nutty and creamy, and the interior and exterior melded together exceptionally well, to the point that it was difficult to tell where the couverture ended and the praline began. No flaking here.

The couverture was just a bit grainy, and was fairly sweet with nutty and caramel flavors. The interior was buttery in texture with a strong nutty flavor, and was the highlight of the bar.

It’s a very nice praline. Not as nice as what you can pick up at Teuscher, but it isn’t $80+ per pound, and you can find this bar at Target.

Have you had a praline-filled chocolate bar before?


  1. Oh yum, im the same i genereally dont mix well with walnuts. Yeh I had an amedei gianduja praline bar, it wasnt filled as such but was a praline chocolate. loved it!

  2. I really want to try a praline bar!!!!!! I love praline, but here chocolate options are sort of limited...:D

  3. Ah yes, I still need to check out the Teuscher praline! Next time I'm in Boston, promise;)

  4. That praline chocolate sounds good! The other one, not so much.

  5. I like the French version of praline - ground up caramelised nuts! So much better, in my opinion, than the soft hazelnut paste version :)

  6. Do your swimmers pay you in chocolates? You should say, if you drop time you must pay me in fine chocolate ha. On top of already getting paid. ;)