Friday, June 17, 2011

Amano: Jembrana

As much as I love reviewing local chocolatiers – Zoe’s this week, and Potomac earlier this year – I also happen to be fortunate enough to live and work within walking distance of Biagio Fine Chocolate, which sells the best chocolates from around the country and the world. Right in my neck of the woods. So of course, I must work my way through their offerings, too.

Because it’s only right to support local businesses, right? Especially when they feature wonderful chocolates created all over. And I do mean all over. For example: this bar, the Amano Jembrana, was made at Amano headquarters in Orem, Utah.

Utah. OK. I suppose it’s how you roast your beans, not where you roast them, that matters. As well as where you get your beans. In this case, the origin for this 30% cocoa milk chocolate bar is the southwestern coast of Bali. It appears that the chocolatiers from the Beehive State coaxed a sweet aroma with hints of sweet spices, notably cinnamon and vanilla, out of those beans from halfway around the world.

The bar is firm with a buttery melt that is quite slow for a milk chocolate, and as it melts, there is a distinct spicy note of anise and cinnamon with a hint of vanilla that offsets the sweetness of a milk chocolate and makes it more complex. The depth of flavor combined with the smooth texture that melted slowly to enable a long enjoyment time frame made for a good bar.

That’s past tense. This was a limited edition bar and I got one of the last ones. But Amano periodically brings back “retired” bars. So perhaps the Jembrana overestimated its 401(k) worth and will join us again someday soon.

Have you ever gotten your hands on one of the last chocolate bars in a batch?


  1. Oh, how I've long longed for Amano! What wonderousness, and how lucky you are to have nabbed a last edition :)

  2. it's how you ROAST YOUR BEANS! tee hee.

  3. I am not a hardcore enough chocolate fan to know if I got a last one in the batch. This sounds great, though!

  4. That is seriously awesome. I agree with Erin as I would never know. OMG I channelled my inner you swimming today!

  5. Ah sounds delightful! I don't have Amano available for easy perusal in Maine (that I've found, anyway). And if I had my paws on "a last bar in a batch," that might just mean it had been sitting in my cupboard too long. Uh oh!