Saturday, June 25, 2011

Domori Lattesal: More Salted Chocolate

Since I was so impressed by the work that Domori did with the more Biancomenta bar, I was eager to try more of their fusion bars. And, given my quest to find, and stockpile, the best salted chocolate bar on the planet, the Lattesal was an obvious bar to move along to.

The Arriba cacao-based milk chocolate is accented with Guérande salt, and has a weak caramel aroma.

The chocolate is quite soft, and there is no coarse salt apparent; rather, the salt is evenly distributed and notable in every stage of the creamy melt. The salt teases out some fruity flavors, and a creamy flavor is also evident. A caramel-like taste results from the blend of these flavors, and the bar is (perhaps too) easy to snack on.

It’s an enjoyable snack. But, I do not think it’s the perfect salted chocolate. Not yet. Not quite enough salt.

The quest continues.

In salted chocolate, should salt be evident, or should it just enhance the flavor of the chocolate?

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  1. I think it should enhance the chocolate personally. But then again, some people love salt so some people might love salty chocolate. I guess it really depends on your jive.