Monday, June 13, 2011

Zoe's Chocolate Company: Father's Day Chocolate Six Pack

Guess what is in six days?

Father’s Day. You’re totally on top of that, right?

Don’t have anything for Dad yet? Well, you could bid on something over at the bake sale to raise money for Jaryn’s efforts to honor her father after he lost his struggle to cancer last year and give him some tasty baked goods.

Or you could go with something chocolate. There is certainly no shortage of chocolatiers hawking their goods as being perfect for Dad. Trust me, I’m on everybody’s email list (I wonder why). But are any of these gifts really the right thing for Dad? To help everybody out, I’ve got a series this week reviewing the Zoe’s Chocolate Company Father’s Day Chocolate Six Pack.

Zoe herself sent me this package from nearby Frederick, MD to help me help you understand what their specially-prepared Father’s Day gift is all about.

Besides abstractly resembling a really cool six-pack of beer.

As artistic as that resemblance is, what’s most impressive are the contents. Bars. Truffles. Chocolate covered almonds. And several chocolate covered moustaches, which I do believe would be a wonderful plaything for making funny faces.

Or, you could eat them. Which I did. Before biting in, I noted a strong coffee aroma that carried subtle cherry and caramel notes. The chocolate snaps nicely, and offers a slow melt that is both buttery and creamy, indicative of a truly divine texture that is perfectly smooth with no grit whatsoever. The flavor is not very intense, but involves pleasing caramel notes with earthy and vanilla notes emerging at the end.

The chocolate is awesome. And you’re eating a moustache on a stick. I mean…come on. How can you go wrong? Good chocolate + whimsical shape = Father’s Day Win.

Are you getting your dad anything chocolate for Father’s Day?


  1. Ha I love the mooousstachio!

    But no, I doubt I'll give my poppa pop any chocolate. That's too much of a me gift!

  2. Oh my god. True life: My dad does not care for chocolate very much. My moms birthday is on Monday though so she is getting lots of chocolate.

  3. Awesome! I will probably get my dad something that has both chocolate and caramel for Father's day!

  4. I inherited my sweet tooth from my dad - we both love chocolate! That mustache one is priceless.

  5. i mean i could just eat them with dad, right? :) yum!

  6. Father's Day in Australia is at a different time to you - I think September? In other words, I'll eat all these instead, thanks very much.

  7. Haha chocolate moustache thats awesome! Its weird..we have fathers day at the same time in the UK, but mothers day at different times. Wonder why!

  8. I love the chocolate covered moustache!! No chocolate for dad this year. We usually go to the movies. This year we saw X-men First Class. Such a good movie!!!