Thursday, June 9, 2011

Goumas: Coconut Pieces

Can you believe that I STILL have more Goumas chocolates to write about? Incredible, really. Today, we’re talking about coconut. Like this dark chocolate coconut haystack.

This piece has a clear coconut aroma complimented by some nuttiness.

The coconut is crunchy, well-toasted, and flavorful; it is surrounded by soft dark chocolate with a hint of both caramel and vanilla flavor. The chocolate is actually just a tad too soft and melts a bit quickly for the very crisp coconut, but the flavors are complimentary. A win on the flavor, a draw on the texture.

Still other coconut treats featured nuts as well. Neato. Observe: the milk chocolate macadamia coconut haystack.

The piece has a caramel aroma, and the coconut aroma isn’t as notable. The chocolate itself also has a caramel flavor, and is creamy with a smooth, quick melt.

The coconut is again well-toasted, but is a tad chewy once the chocolate melts away. The macadamia nuts are crunchy and salty, which adds a nice flavor and texture contrast, but they are left in the haystack whole, making it impossible to enjoy all the components together. Folks, chop your nuts and distribute them well. I feel like this should be the 11th commandment or something. Because then, yes then, this would have been a delicious piece.

The last coconut piece in the box was a dark-chocolate macadamia coconut haystack.

There was again a definite coconut aroma, and again, the macadamia nuts are left whole (grumble).

The chocolate is sweet and smooth, but it’s nearly impossible to tease out specific flavors, because the coconut and salty macadamia are dominant flavors. The nuts seem to be a bit raw in this case, while the coconut remains nicely toasted. It’s a lovely treat, but the focus is on the coconut and macadamia rather than the chocolate itself.

Coconut in chocolate: how toasted should it be?


  1. Aren't macadamia nuts a bit large to be leaving whole in a small piece of chocolate? That's so lazy.

    These are finally a string of chocolates that look really great to me. But honestly, how much more Goumas have you got in that box of yours?? :)

    I'd say any amount of toasting the coconut short of burning it is fine!

  2. Those toasted coconut ones look delicious, but I must agree with about the macadamia. Not a fan of them whole.

  3. I do NOT like the gooey coconut in chocolate. I always threw those ones out in the mixed chocolate box, haha. So I say toast it!:)

  4. I like extremely toasted coconut, no goooo allowed.

  5. Really toasted coconut for me! They look really tasty but yeh I must admit, a whole macadamia in a choclate is a bit much!

  6. Toasty! Brings out the flavor. What is this nonsense about gooey coconut?

    This looks so tasty!

  7. I would say quite toasty! It's a much better flavor and the idea of gooey coconut kind of grosses me out

  8. Salty macadamia? Yes please! This must kick the crappy Golden Roughs we get here in Aus outta the water!