Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: Peanut Butter and Aspen Cream

A reasonable person would be scared of a box of chocolate after encountering some caramels so bad that they required a visit to the trash can.

I am not a reasonable person.

On to the milk chocolate peanut butter piece from my Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory box.

The couverture was soft but a bit waxy, and featured very faint aromas of nuts and dairy. It had a slight burnt edge, but was quite sweet – to the point that it was reminiscent of white chocolate.

Inside that sweet shell was a mousse-like creamy filling with a strong peanut flavor, which tasted a bit like slightly burnt or over-roasted peanuts. As it was not very sweet, it paired nicely with the sweet milk chocolate. Overall, it’s better than a drugstore peanut butter cup, but was still a little plain.

At least I didn’t have to throw it out.

On to another filled chocolate: the Aspen cream.

The couverture is very similar to that of the peanut butter piece: soft, a bit of a burnt edge and a distinct vanilla flavor.

The interior has the density of a good caramel that is neither overly chewy nor runny, and the texture matches that of the shell nicely. The cream features a vanilla flavor with a hint of maple, and trends towards too sweet. I like the concept of a mild maple-flavored cream, but a less sweet couverture would work better.

Have you ever had a chocolate filled with maple cream before?


  1. What's that Simba said? "I laugh in the face of danger"? (Or fear?) You're like our brave Mighty King/Queen of chocolate ;)

  2. At least these were better than yesterday!!!
    Its sad when chocolates aren't as good as expected...:(

  3. Mmmm I love sweet chocolates, esp a smooth milk or white. But I think something filled with maple cream might be even too sweet for me...

  4. I just found your blog and it makes me want chocolate like I'll die if I don't get any. Good thing I have a bag of chocolate chips in my pantry. Not as decadent as the photographs above, but it'll have to do.

  5. hmm, well, not sure i'd jump for rocky mountain chocolates after the last reviews! at least you didn't have to throw these ones out :)

  6. YUM. Living in upstate NY, the maple creams are where it's at! Of course, a little bit goes a long way.....

  7. Rocky Mountain chocolates r my favorite!!!!! 我很爱。