Friday, June 24, 2011

Domori Biancomenta: White Chocolate with Mint Leaves

You know all those chocolate tastings that I go to at Biagio? Do I go there just for the free chocolate? No, of course not. I go there to see what kinds of chocolate I need to add to my hit parade. While some tastings only feature one chocolate that piques my interest, some feature several.

As if I need more chocolates in my addiction que. I suppose variety is key to a healthy diet, no? With that in mind, after one tasting event at Biagio, I introduced the Domori Biancomenta into my well-balanced chocolate diet.

This bar has a white chocolate base, and features Moroccan mint leaves to enhance the flavor of the white chocolate. While some turn their noses up at white chocolate, I find that when combined with the right flavors at the right strength, the smooth cocoa butter and sugar that is the signature of higher quality white chocolate can be just what you need.

And if other people disagree, well, more Biancomenta for me.

The bar has an aroma that, with God as my witness, resembles a strong, hard cheese. Don’t believe me? Go find a bar. Then you’ll believe me. After that initial cheese-like kick, the aroma shifts to a more minty character.

However, there is no cheese taste in this bar, just a soft, sweet white chocolate with refreshing mint leaves that are well chopped and distributed. The uniform distribution of the mint makes the bar consisten throughout, as does the smooth white chocolate without a bit of waxy or dry character.

The bar is superb, and after sampling it, I was convinced that I needed to try other Domori fusion bars.

Have you ever had chocolate with mint leaves in it? How was it?


  1. Um yum!!!!! Never had chocolate bars w/ mint, but I love the mint/chocolate combo in most things!

  2. Dude. This is a dream come true. Mint + Chocolate is an ultimate flavor combination. Right up there with Sea Salt + Caramel.

  3. whoa, weird, it LOOKS like cheese.

  4. I've tried dark chocolate with mint leaves, but never white--what an interesting combination!

  5. Oh it looks like cheese as well! Good job it didnt taste it like it! I really want to try some of Domoris stuff, it looks good! Bet white chocolate with mint was nice!

  6. Just like white chocolate, a mint chocolate done well can be a lovely refreshing thing. I remember seeing this in America!