Friday, June 10, 2011

Goumas: Toffee Pieces

Like any good chocolate confectioner, Goumas features some toffee pieces, and kindly included several in the gigantic sample box they sent me. Including this milk chocolate toffee piece, which has a creamy aroma.

The sweet milk chocolate has a subtle creamy flavor enhanced by a nice caramel flavor, and melts smoothly and quickly.

The toffee is not too hard, and breaks nicely with each bite; however, the chocolate is a bit softer and breaks away a bit. Taste-wise, the toffee is salty with a hint of a “burnt” flavor that is intentional and not a flaw. The nuts topping this treat are a bit raw and distract from the rest of the treat, but that aside, the toffee is quite nice. It’s not to the level of Vosges toffee, but it’s still quite good and far less expensive. I’d certainly pick this out if I found myself in Goumas’ shop.

Now the counterpart to the milk chocolate toffee: the dark chocolate toffee, with subtle coffee and vanilla aromas.

The chocolate is smooth, with a balanced blend of coffee and vanilla flavors, but unfortunately breaks away from the toffee.

In this piece, the toffee trends more towards burnt caramel and less towards salty than in the milk toffee, and it’s also a bit hard and sticky. My personal preference is for the milk version, but this piece does feature a nice burnt caramel flavor that is enjoyable as well.

How salty do you think toffee should be?


  1. I love when toffee tastes a little bit burnt! Glorious :)

  2. Mummm, I think the salt brings out the flavor!!!

  3. I am not a toffee connoisseur by any means. But I do like to dial things up a bit by boosting their flavor through salt. These sound good, mmm, good.