Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goumas: Filled Chocolates

Once I pried myself away from the ultra-addictive chocolate covered potato chips in the box of samples that Goumas sent me, I moved along to some filled chocolates. In order to keep my intense need (yes, need) for salty chocolate fulfilled, I began with the peanut butter bon bon.

The dark chocolate exterior is a little sweet and a little bitter, and very smooth.

However, nearly all the flavor comes from the interior, which features a strong peanut flavor along with that saltiness I was looking for. It is creamy, and barely sweet at all; it instead resembles a pure peanut butter more than a peanut-inspired confection. The texture is dense and perfectly matched to the shell, which allowed me to enjoy this treat without making a mess.

If you happen upon Goumas’ treats, buy this. You won’t be sorry.

Other filled chocolates? This chocolate-covered fudge contraption, which greeted me with a creamy aroma.

The couverture has a mild caramel flavor, and is soft enough to match the dense fudge interior with each bite.

The interior is sweet and has a strong vanilla flavor, alongside a hint of salt. It reminds me of fudge that one might find at the East Coast beaches, but trends a bit sweet and could benefit from a bit more salt. I enjoy the concept of a fudge- filled chocolate, but found this piece to be just a bit too sweet.

One last filled chocolate sat in the box: a maple chocolate.

The couverture has some earthy notes, along with a faint hint of coffee and nuttiness.

It isn’t very sweet, and goes nicely with the maple filling that features bits of chopped nuts and toffee, along with a distinct salt to cut through the sweet maple flavor. The texture variety, along with the blend of sweet and salty, results in a very enjoyable treat that I was surprised by, as most maple candies are over-the-top sweet.

Have you ever had a chocolate with maple-based filling?


  1. mmmm, that peanut chocolate sounds amazing! I'm big on peanuts and chocolate in any sort of combination, but you make it sounds more refined than Reese's.

  2. Hmm, I don't think I have, but now I want to! That sounds awesome!

  3. Mmm yes, maple. I ate some pure maple candy last fall at a fair and became quite ill after, I think it must have been too much of a good thing. But tempering that sweetness down with good chocolate makes for the perfect combo!

  4. No, but I want one! Maple goodness forever!

  5. Yum! I'd love all of those! Especially the pb one! :D

  6. Oh man, those look fantastic...I especially dig the peanut butter and maple fillings; those sound especially delicious. Glad you're thoroughly enjoying some chocolates with few bones to pick! :D

  7. No, but I'd really like to. I've never had anything with maple, so I'm really curious.

  8. I can't say I've had chocolate and maple together. It certainly sounds good, though!

  9. Maple and chocolate seems like such a nomtastic combination. Even though I'm prediabetic and can't have much maple syrup it still is amazing. ha.

  10. Aw YUM! I want one now!!! lol

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