Monday, June 6, 2011

Goumas: Fruity Clusters

Based on what I checked out for yesterday’s post, it’s pretty clear that Goumas can hold their own when it comes to chocolate nut clusters. What about fruity clusters? Interesting question. Let’s investigate with this dark chocolate raisin cluster.

The chocolate itself is smooth with a tiny hint of bitterness, along with strong coffee notes and a slight vanilla flavor. The raisins are quite sweet, and a bit chewy, which leaves you munching on them quite a while after the chocolate has melted away. I’d prefer that they be chopped rather than whole to cut back on this effect, as it would be easier to enjoy all together. The component ingredients are good, but they could be better integrated.

Now wait. What if Goumas had something with fruit AND nuts covered in chocolate.

Yeah. What if. Like a dark chocolate walnut raisin cluster.

Again, the raisins are sweet, and are neither soggy nor overly chewy, but aren’t well-distributed because they are kept whole. The walnuts are raw and dry, which takes focus away from the chocolate, which is objectively the best part of this piece, as it is smooth and just a tad sweet. Despite the pleasing chocolate, I’d be unlikely to pick this piece if selecting a box for myself.

Should raisins be chopped or kept whole in chocolate pieces?


  1. Whole! And big and juicy!

    Raisins and walnuts may be the only things that I like to be kept whole in chocolate pieces.

  2. I don't usually love raisins in anything but I feel like for raisin lovers whole would be preferable.

  3. I'm a bit anti-raisin myself. I could see it either way though: whole if they're keep plump, and aren't dried out, or halved if they are not plump and fresh. As fresh as dried fruit could be, that is.

  4. Definitely kept whole. I like chocolate covered raisins so I can savor each raisin at a time. Mmm.

  5. I say whole!

    And thank you for your advice on my blog about the pull buoy swimming:).

  6. I'm not that big a fan of raisins too. I love cranraisins though:) Perhaps they should do some chocolate cover cranraisins:)