Friday, July 1, 2011

Ritter Sport: Filled Chocolate Bars

Having plowed my way through five mini Ritter Sport bars from my sample pack, I was left with two bars, both of which were of the filled variety. Onte of them was, for a change of pace, dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. A dark chocolate marzipan bar.

The 50% cocoa solids bar has a faint coffee aroma typical of most dark chocolates from large manufacturers. The flavor is also a standard, but pleasing, coffee-vanilla flavor with just a touch of added sugar.

Inside that dark chocolate is a sweet, substantially dense marzipan with a hint of almond extract at the end, as well as what seems to be a coconut flavor. It matches nicely with the chocolate, both from a texture continuity perspective and from a flavor balance perspective; I believe that milk chocolate would have simply made this bar too sweet. As the marzipan is fairly plain, the bar is not complex, but it is certainly satisfactory, and a nice change of pace from the milk chocolate.

Which we’re moving back to. With the zaniest creation from the box: the milk chocolate with yogurt filling.

Yogurt? I mean, the milk chocolate we know. Weak cream aroma, a sweet chocolate with a bit of dairy. But yogurt? How would this go?

It goes tart. Which is to say, nicely with sweet milk chocolate, even if just a little thin against the thick chocolate shell. Texture matching issues aside, the flavor combination is simply brilliant. Really. More chocolatiers should try this.

And send me samples.

Have you ever had chocolate with yogurt filling?


  1. My favorite Ritter sport! I credit my mom to introducing me to the marzipan filled one, so not only do I love the taste, but I love how it reminds me of my mom with every bite :)

  2. Do you know what I love? The two that I told you I loved, cornflakes and yoghurt (and marzipan a little too) have both been successes in your book as well! Hurrah!

  3. These two are extremely popular here in Germany. Another brand makes chocolate with strawberry yogurt and lemon yogurt fillings. I love them.

  4. ritter sport has the strawberry yoghurt variety too and it's sooooooooo yummy.! I like ritter's yogurt, strawberry yogurt, dark choc., and cornflakes varieties. simply d best