Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Max Brenner's: All-Chocolate in Philadelphia

As I noted a couple of days ago, as part of my travel up to Philadelphia for the Healthy Living Summit, I visited yet another branch of Max Brenner's.
Jenny and Carly kindly joined me.
It's really hard to convince people to join you for dinner at a chocolate restaurant.


As with the Boston shop, the decor was heavily chocolate-themed.
To start, we checked out the waffle fries dusted with chili and cocoa powder.
The fries themselves were warm, crispy on the outside, and well-sized to be neither hard nor mushy. The cocoa powder, along with the chili powder, added a bit of kick that was quite enjoyable.

Then, there was the matter of dessert.
This matter was resolved with the chocolate pizza. Which we ordered with "the works" because...I mean, look at this thing. Why would we need a reason?
A non-sweetened crust was the foundation for the sweet toppings, which included a layer of melted chocolate chunks that were creamy with a deep caramel flavor. Atop that chocolate were some banana slices, which were nearly entirely covered with fluffy, toasted marshmallows. And then, some salty peanut butter and toasted hazelnuts to top it all off. The non-sweetened crust and salty peanut butter balanced the sugar from the thick marshmallow layer nicely, and the entire concoction was delicious while warm.

Probably while cold, too.

Next mission: Get to the NYC branch of Max Brenner's. I'll make it happen.

Have you had chocolate pizza? At a restaurant, or homemade?


  1. I can confirm that the dessert pizza was also delicious cold!
    Thanks for the invite to the restaurant. It was so good!

  2. This place was amazing! My life is better for having had dinner here. Thanks for the invite, without it I never would have tasted those heavenly waffle fries.

  3. I've had fruit dessert pizza but that's about it. have you made one like this yet? If not, I will be your taste tester.

  4. I want that pizza! I've been to the NYC location a couple of times but it has been a while. May need to go back:-)

  5. I saw the chocolate pizza on food network when Max Bremmer was looks Amazingggg!

  6. I will totally join you at the NYC Max Brenner's :) Just let me know when! haha